Wedding Poetry For Your Ceremony

Dove Releasing


Together you will fly away and start your life anew,

On this very special day that was made for the two of you.

The sun will dance upon your wings out from the Heavens above and all of the angels will start to sing and rejoice for your unending Love.

~ Author: Julie Johnson

Dove Releases

"Our Congratulatory Wish"

For Centuries, the white dove has been a symbol of new beginnings, fidelity, and true love. Doves choose one partner and mate for life or until death do they part.

As a romantic gesture ____ and ____ are going to release two single doves to symbolize their unity.

Shortly thereafter, more pure white doves will be released to join the unity pair in the sky.

These will represent all of the blessings and best wishes from their family and friends accompanying them on their new journey together as Husband and Wife.

____ and ____, we wish for you that your life together would be everlasting, rich and rewarding!

May your marriage carry with it all of the wonderful qualities that the White Dove represents!

~ Wings of Grace, Julie Johnson