Heartfelt Funerals & Memorial Releases

Dove Releases

A Dove release for a Funeral or Memorial Service is one of the most loving and inspirational gifts to give to a loved one. It has been said that the releasing of a white dove helps to begin the grieving process and opens the doors to “letting go”. At the conclusion of a chapel or graveside service, white doves are released a short distance from the ceremony.

The flock ascends into the air waiting for the single dove to join them. Moments later, a single white dove, representing the loved ones spirit, is released. The single spirit dove joins the flock of awaiting angels and together they depart over the horizon to begin their spiritual journey home.

In addition to flowers, a Dove release will live on in the memories of all who attend. During your time of loss we offer our "Comforting Colors" addition where you can have your doves in a certain color.

Oh, that I had the wings of a dove; For I would fly away and be at rest” Psalms 55:6